Academic Case Writing Workshop

The Academic Case Writing Workshop organized by Rajadhani Business School (RBS) aimed to enhance the research and analytical skills of academic Professionals and students, providing them with practical insights into crafting effective case studies. A distinguished and insightful workshop session was conducted at RBS by none other than the esteemed Director of RBS Mr. Rajit Karunakaran. The workshop, held on 15th December was a unique opportunity for participants to gain firsthand knowledge and collaborate on the art of case study writing. The unveiling of the case study cover page “Resilient Strategies Case study in Dynamic Business Environment” marked a significant milestone, symbolizing the commencement of insightful exploration and analysis under the auspices of our esteemed Head of Department (HoD) Dr. Priya Prasad.

The Case Study Writing Workshop at RBS proved to be a valuable initiative in fostering critical thinking and research skills among participants. The positive feedback from participants suggests a demand for similar workshops in the future, contributing to the overall academic and Professional development.

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    Organized by : Rajadhani Business SchoolDate : 2nd November 2023Time : 9.00AM to 3.30PMVenue : Rajadhani Business School