Highest in Placements

Placement holds significant importance at RBS. Career Guidance & Placement Unit (CGPU) at RBS, headed by a dedicated Placement Officer oversees placement activities, ensuring synchronization with the placement department’s objectives. CGPU diligently caters to the requirements of prominent organizations by organizing campus interviews for final-year students. Additionally, RBS has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Affables, our placement partner, further enhancing our placement initiatives.


Providing MBA students with free iPads at RBS offers several advantages and can significantly impact their professional development. Firstly, access to technology enhances students’ learning experience by providing them with tools for research, collaboration, and productivity, thus facilitating a more efficient and effective academic journey. Secondly, iPads enable students to stay organized and connected, allowing them to access course materials, communicate with professors and peers, and manage their schedules from anywhere, fostering a more flexible and adaptable approach to learning.

 In summary, providing free iPads to MBA students at RBS not only enhances their academic experience but also equips them with valuable skills and experiences that can positively impact their professional development and future success.


Free 5+ Add-on Courses

Prepare for the industry with our comprehensive array of global certifications provided through 5+ Add-On Courses integrated into our curriculum, including Apple iWork, SAP, MS Excel, Artificial Intelligence, and Distribution and Logistics Management.


To empower future managers to pursue their dream careers, we offer Value Added Courses (VAC) designed to cultivate a passion for learning and position students as proficient professionals in cutting-edge trends. These courses not only enhance managerial skills but also provide our students with a competitive advantage over their peers.


Free International Study Trip

RBS offers students an international immersion program at MARA University, Malaysia, providing invaluable advantages. This experience fosters a global perspective, cultural exchange, networking opportunities, experiential learning, and personal growth. Overall, it prepares students to excel in a diverse and interconnected world.

Free Interaction Certificate

Upon completion of their interaction at MARA University, students receive a prestigious certificate acknowledging their participation. This certificate serves as a testament to their international academic experience, enriching their resumes and demonstrating their commitment to global learning and cultural exchange. It symbolizes their dedication to personal and professional development and highlights their readiness to navigate the challenges of today’s interconnected world.

Student Centric Industry-Institute Partnership

RBS proudly maintains partnerships with renowned organizations like IAAP, UK, PMI, NIPM, ISTD, TMA, CII, and KCCI, fostering essential connections between students and industry stalwarts. These collaborations offer students unparalleled access to industry expertise, networking opportunities, internships, and potential career pathways. By leveraging these partnerships, RBS ensures that its students are well-prepared to thrive in their chosen fields and make significant contributions to the professional landscape.

Capability Enhancement & Soft Skill Development

RBS offers comprehensive soft skills training for MBA students, providing numerous advantages such as Enhanced Communication, Leadership Development, Professionalism, Adaptability, and Career Advancement.  Mastery of soft skills enhances students’ prospects for career advancement, as employers increasingly prioritize interpersonal competencies alongside technical expertise.

Consistent Academic Performance

RBS proved its mettle in various curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. 2013-15, 2014-16, and 2015-17  bagged a total of 22 university ranks including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and  2016- 18, 2017-19, and 2018-20 bagged by ‘O’ (Outstanding) grades.


RBS prides itself on its state-of-the-art infrastructure and top-notch facilities, providing students with an optimal learning environment. Our campus features modern air-conditioned classrooms equipped with advanced audio-visual aids, facilitating interactive and engaging learning experiences. Additionally, we offer well-equipped laboratories, a comprehensive library with a vast collection of resources, and dedicated study areas for students to enhance their academic pursuits. Our campus also boasts recreational facilities, including separate gyms for girls and boys and sports and cultural spaces, promoting holistic development and student well-being. With high-speed internet connectivity and 24/7 security, RBS ensures a safe and conducive environment for students to thrive academically and personally.


RBS has one of the best Resource Centres designed to provide support to management education. The Central Library has a good collection of books, journals, and volumes related to all branches of management. The Digital Library on the campus provides access to archives, a collection of e-books, e-journals, and other digital assets. The department library holds around 6000 books and 25 journals of repute.


At RBS, we offer separate hostel accommodations for male and female students, featuring both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms. Our hostel facilities are renowned for their exceptional standards, providing students with a secure and comfortable living environment. Additionally, we offer guest rooms for parents and guardians visiting their wards, ensuring a convenient and welcoming experience for all visitors.


The IEDC serves as a dynamic hub, continuously revitalizing RBS’s mission with a steady flow of innovative ideas. It fosters ideation and intellectual exchange among students, faculty, and researchers, promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Linked with the Idea Lab, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like 3D printers and CNC cutters, the IEDC provides students with the resources to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes. Through this synergy between the IEDC and the Idea Lab, RBS empowers students to explore, innovate, and bring their ideas to life, driving forward the ethos of creativity and ingenuity.

Wifi Enbled Campus

RBS ensures seamless internet connectivity for both students and faculty through a Wi-Fi and wireless network infrastructure. Access to broadband services is available across the campus, including in the library and hostels. The network is secured with a firewall, and all traffic undergoes thorough scanning at the gateway level to detect and prevent threats and viruses. Moreover, seminar halls, classrooms, and common areas are equipped with secure Wi-Fi access points, facilitating centralized authentication for secure network access via laptops and Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as iPads.

Digital Classrooms

The campus boasts modern classrooms equipped with all the necessary learning amenities. These classrooms adhere to international standards, offering a conducive environment for effective teacher-student interaction. Each room is well-furnished and designed to accommodate contemporary teaching methods, featuring digital boards, LCD projectors, and other cutting-edge teaching aids.

Multi-faceted Campus

RBS stands as a multifaceted campus dedicated to the holistic transformation of students from degree seekers to adept management professionals. With a comprehensive array of academic programs, industry partnerships, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant campus culture, RBS offers students a transformative educational experience that equips them with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to excel in the dynamic world of management and beyond.