Visit to UST (Trivandrum Camps) as a part of their corporate Learning program

The students from the RBS (Rajadhani Business School) embarked on an enriching visit to UST (Trivandrum Camps) as a part of their Corporate Learning program. Specifically, the S2 MBA students were the beneficiaries of this visit.

During their time at UST, the students had the privilege of attending an insightful workshop led by Mr. Suhel Bhatia, Global Head of HRBP, Talent Management, HR Analytics.

By visiting UST, the S2 MBA students had a unique chance to observe and learn from the UST’s state-of-the-art facilities, work culture, employee facilities, and cutting-edge technologies.

Overall, this visit to UST marked a significant milestone in the student’s academic journey, equipping them with valuable skills and experiences that will undoubtedly contribute to their future success as business leaders.

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