Addon Training on Data Science and Analytics with R

Five days of Add-on training on Data Science and Analytics with R was conducted at Rajadhani Business School. The training was conducted from 11th July to 15th July 2022. The training program was conducted by ICT Academy Kerala for the final year MBA students. All the students from the final year batch attended the program and the program was well structured in such a manner that students are able to attain practical knowledge. The session was handled by Mr. Ummar Shaik, ICTAK Technical skills Trainer. For the first two days, the sessions were conducted in the classrooms using iPads and on the remaining day sessions were held at computer labs. The students are able to get a better idea about using the software on both iPads and Systems. The trainer gave assignments to students and their evaluations are done. The session ended up with an examination to evaluate the knowledge gained by students during the whole training.

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