A debate session was conducted by the debate club on 16/05/2022 at Rajadhani Business School on the behalf of the Association of Intellectual Management (AIMS). Two teams are there for the debate session with two topics as Government Hospitals Vs Private hospitals and whether Advertisement is necessary or not. The program was coordinated by the students themselves. The program started with silent prayer Ms. Jasseena invited the Secretary of the Debate club to brief about the importance of debate its rules and regulations to be followed and the time limits. Dr. Juby R was the moderator for the first debate panel to debate on the topic of Government hospitals Vs Private hospitals. Each panel member expressed their views regarding both positive and negative aspects, after the debating members from each group concluded the session and after that the second debate started by inviting the panel members along with the moderator, the second debate was moderated by Mr. Renju Remesh and the topic was Gender-Specific Advertisement is necessary or not. Each member of the panel expressed their thoughts and opinions with relevant examples and after debating the session was concluded by each member from the two panels with both aspects of the topic. The program was attended by the Head of the department, all the faculty members,s and the students. Dr. Rajesh S Pyngavil -HOD Rajadhani Business School was invited to share the feedback of the debate and give participation certificates to the participants and give the best performer in the debate award. Ms. Saranya MS was selected as the best performer and she is awarded a Cash prize and memento. The session ended up with a National Anthem.

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