Information and knowledge is the lifeline for learning be it the student or the faculty. RBS has one of the best resource centers designed to provide support to all management departments. The central library has good collection of books, journals, volumes, related to all branches of management. The digital library in the campus provides access to archives, collection of e-books, CD-ROMs, text images and other online collections to scholars and learners. We firmly believe that we have the obligation not only to provide our students with sound academic knowledge and superior management and industry oriented skills, but also to develop more intangible soft skills that would equip our management graduates to face any business challenges in the future. Our graduates will go into the wider world with self-confidence and professional competence to become successful managers, business administrators, entrepreneurs, and above all noble and compassionate global citizens. The institute has a team of faculty with experience in academics and industry. RBS is devoted to broaden the faculty base and depth of teaching and research experience. To achieve this there is a scheme to induct adjunct and visiting faculty. The resident faculty team is supported by experts from industry and other premier academic institutions and foreign universities. A constructive student-teacher ratio is maintained to ensure constant interaction in and out of class between the student and the teacher.

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