Union Budget 2024 – Live Stream

Rajadhani Business School has organized one day program in related to interim union budget 2024 on 1st February 2024 which was presented as a live stream announcement of budget from our honorable Minister of Finance of India smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. The program was conducted for the first and second year MBA students. It helped the students to learn and understand about the current financial year budget. After the announcement of the budget a review session was conducted between the students related to the current budget. The participants for the review session has discussed about the current budget which was compared with the previous year . Discussion from the budget mainly focused on opportunities and improvements if any needed to satisfy the current economic condition of the nation. The program made coloured by the presence of Director Mr. Rajit Karunakaran, Dr Priya Prasad , Head of the department and all the faculties from RBS.

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