Rajadhani Business School in association with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology organized a Corporate Talk on Mental Health on 1st December 2022 in the lobby seminar hall. The speaker of the session was Dr. Swami Satyeshananda, MBBS, Assistant General Secretary and Trustee, Ramakrishma Math and Ramakrishma Mission, Bellur Math, Kolkatta. The event was attended by S1MBA and B Tech, S4, and S5 students of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Dr. Bindu S S, HoD, Mechanical Engineering welcomed the gathering. Dr. S Suresh Babu, Principal, of Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology delivered the keynote address. In his address, Swami specified the importance of a healthy mind for individual and professional prosperity. He emphasized the significance of meditation, yoga, and positive thoughts in one’s life. He also urged the audience to practice Sanathana Dharma for our well-being. The session was enriched by the fruitful interaction between the students. Dr. Jubi, Professor & Head, of Rajadhani Business School, expressed words of gratitude. A memento is presented to the chief guest as a token of gratitude. 

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