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Rajadhani Business School organized a workshop on Research Methodology and Data Analysis for MBA T6 students on 5 July, 2021. The core objective of the workshop was to equip the students with set of skills and potentiality to undertake the research very effectively in the disciplines of management and to turn completed research report. Dr Prakash Pillai R, Head, PG Department of Human Resource Management, Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum was the resource person. He made the students to identify the dependent and independent variables and the students raised their doubts on setting hypothesis and use of analysis tools. He explained the various ways to set hypothesis and discussed on the various tools for analysis in detail stating the circumstances where each tool can be applied. He also shared his views on different types statistical analysis viz.,  t-test, Chi- square test, ANOVA test, correlation and regression analysis. The session was very helpful for the students to understand and get an insight on the various analysis tools to be used for their research project. Dr Rajesh S Pyngavil, Professor & Head, RBS introduced the resource person to the audience.

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