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Learning beyond geographic boundaries

A learning component integrated with the ever-evolving academic fabric of RBS is International Immersion Programme (IIP). Aimed at engaging directly with international business activity, IIP enables participants to explore, understand and embrace business across multi-cultural and multi-dimensional domains.

In view of this, Rajadhani Business School (RBS) organised an international Immersion Programme (IIP) to Malaysia from 22 July to 26 July 2018. The team consists of 80 students and 5 faculty members visited Putra Business School, Yakult Factory, Sunway Lagoon and other scenic places. 

IIP is being executed with three interlinked professional imperatives. Firstly, familiarise the economic uncertainties and cultural concerns of a flat world; secondly, understand the corporate and individual responses to those upheavals; and thirdly, trace and equip with the array of possibilities and skills to face those challenges at an individual, yet professional level.