Faculty Development Program -2018

Our world today is in an unprecedented flux. Rapid developments with technology, changes in climate, demography and mobility of people are affecting the way we work, live and learn. These changes call for adapting to new lifestyles, business and work orientation. Office and manufacturing automation is eliminating jobs by the thousands. Artificial Intelligence will render roles like accountants, lawyers, stock brokers, and other knowledge-based workers far less useful. Driver less cars are imminent. Situation has reached the levels where higher education institutions are called upon to transform and equip their students to meet the demands of an emerging digital economy and society. The programme will facilitate the attendees to get engaged and improve their understanding of employability skills to meet the ever changing dynamics in the job world.
The programme intends to instil skills within the faculty members, to address this challenge. The FDP also aims to build up the quality of course delivery of participants through pedagogical enhancements to create interest and motivation among students.

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