Onam is a time to show off our vast cultural heritage and rich variety for all the Keralites who celebrate it with much vigor than any other festival. he people from the state of Kerala proudly describe their land as ‘God’s Own Country’. It is a land of great natural beauty that has cherished and preserved its rich cultural heritage to this day. It is home to varied forms of art, music and dances that enchant and captivate one and all with their beauty. The RBS Onam Celebrations were held on the 6 September 2019 amidst great cheer and the cultural extravaganza witnessed a mass participation. The event was attended by all students and faculty members.
In the Athapookkalam Competition, RBS participated with great enthusiasm and spirit. A Maveli Competition was also held.  A massive ‘Onasadya’ was served for the entire department within the same ‘panthal’. The staff and students enjoyed the sumptuous Onam feast which was served to them. The Sadya received much acclaim for the faculty and student community.